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The category insights webinars and workshops will bring together the combined expertise of TRBusiness, m1nd-set and leading retail training organisation, the Institute of International Retail. m1nd-set will present an in-depth series of category-specific insights regarding pre- and post Covid-19 shopping behaviour, detailing expectations, emotions, needs and intentions among global travellers.

Across 11 separate sessions for each of the major categories, m1nd-set will also provide insights on expected basket size and mix, available budget, interaction with staff and other communication touch points as well as shopper reaction to the digitalisation of displays and marketing activations. 

IIR will present actionable implementations and training guidelines based on the consumer insights to support industry players in each category. IIR’s insights will aim to help retailers successfully reopen and run the duty free and travel retail shops, grow their business, and achieve global travel retail standards, while supporting brands with category specific learnings for travel retail marketers and brand ambassadors.

In addition, the IWSR and m1nd-set will share insights from their new joint travel retail marketing intelligence platform “1nSpirit – The Wine & Spirits Travel Retail Data Hub.” The new platform for the alcohol category will help industry leaders to re-assess and refine their business strategy through unparalleled access to robust consumption data, forecast analysis and consumer behaviour insights for the travel retail wine and spirits sector.